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Push (2009)

Imdb link:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0465580/


Cast:Chris Evans,Dakota Fanning,Camilla Belle and Djimon Hounsou.

Review:One push can change everything.
In 1945, Hitler and his Nazis were using experiments on people who were born with special abilities to create an ultra-powerful army. However, the war end put a stop to this. What it didn't stop was other countries finding out and setting up their own branches, or divisions.Director Paul McGuigan movie 'Push' is completely based on three such gifted human beings.The story starts with Nick(Evans) whose father was killed in a motel room,which leads him to live a low profile life apart from world and has nothing exciting to do in life apart from playing dice in roads for money. Until one day a young girl called Cassie holmes(Dakota) called herself second generation watcher comes to Nick talking about Division,a strange girl and 6 million dollars.It starts a journey of Nick,cassie and towards escaping the Division forever.This film has pushers(one who can "push" people into believing that certain things are or aren't true ),bleeders (emit high-pitched sonic screams that make ears bleed) , sniffers (Sniffs can take any object and get a history of where it's been in relation to its owner), movers (can move objects and people with their minds)and Shadows (people whose ability is basically to block the effectiveness of other clairvoyants). The chemistry of Evans and belle was good.

Not at all entertaining,the movie lacks pace at times.Its all describing movie with little excitement for audience. Dakota fanning improved a lot over time,Chris was good in parts.Apart from it the film has nothing to offer.

Rating:2/5 *Skip it*

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  1. Anonymous said...

    2.5 for a skipper? :|

  2. Bleak ! said...

    Err..i would love to give it 1.5,but for belle its 2 :-D

    *She is an angel* :-)

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