About Nemo

Nemo is the typical movie buff. Well, he hates popcorn though! He watches every kind of movies, in languages he can understand, some he cant. His tastes in movies can only be matched by his diversity. He flows with the film. Get scared in horror ones, tear up in tragedies, and laugh his ass off in comedies. He can give you killer reviews and he doesn't miss many, so you are in for a treat! By Dory

About Dory

Dory is a lazy movie buff. She loves popcorn more than the movie in screen. She watches very less movies but you can bank that the movies she watches are indeed classics. Highly inspired by films at times. The movie she will watch will be her theme of life for rest few days.So people watch out for some rare but classic reviews by her.It will surely be a treat to read. By Nemo

Hi Movie Buffs!

Big hello from Nemo and Dory.
This blog was a very random thing that came in to our mind. We are two people connectd by internet, very different in our view points and backgrounds, who share amazing aptitude for movies and has a taste in writing. So by this blog, we mean to combine both, write reviews and our feelings for New releases and Old classics.
Hope you all will enjoy!
Let the Film Roll!

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  1. The Dramaqueen said...

    Yay! :D
    I'll be waiting (:

    P.S. I love movies too. SO much. :D

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