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If Only (2004)

Imdb link : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0332136/

Genre : Romance,drama,fantasy.

Cast:Jennifer Love Hewitt,Paul Nicholls,Tom Wilkinson,Diana Hardcastle and Lucy Davenport

Review:His love for her forced fate to change
Director Gil Junger's If only is a story about a couple Samantha Andrews(Jennifer) and Ian Wyndham(paul).They were never happy in a relationship and always had a fight (and nearly broke up)from time to times until one day Samantha, dies in an accident.That left Ian heartbroken and he realizes what he had, but of course it’s too late to make amends.But by grace of god(or the taxi driver -Tom Wilkinson) or may be some miracle when he wakes up the next morning, Samantha is alive again.And strangely except Ian no one remembers about her death.The film then revolves around Ian and Samantha where Ian tries to battles confusion, followed by realization, becomes lost in desperation, and finally discovers acceptance of what’s happened, and will happen.
The ending part will leave you speechless.

I think this is the best romantic movie i have ever seen.This was a movie with a message, which sets u into deep thinking about life. Awesome.

Ranking:3.5/5 *Treat to Rom-com watchers*

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  1. The Dramaqueen said...

    Guess who's watching this on Youtube.. RIGHT NOW!!

  2. smalltown_girl said...

    Yay! tell us how it was!

  3. The Dramaqueen said...

    I would've liked a perfect cliche happy ending :|

    But it was good :)
    OH GOD, it was AWESOME! =)

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