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The Notebook (2004)

Imdb link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0332280/


Cast:Ryan Gosling,Tim Ivey,Rachel McAdams,Starletta DuPois and James Garner.

Tagline : Behind every great love is a great story.

Review :Notebook is an epic love story. Nothing flamboyant or charismatic. Just a story of a boy who loves a girl.
The film begins with Duke, an old man in a rest house, who comes to read out to an old lady, who apparently has dymentia. As the story progresses, we see duke's warm feelings and friendship and extreme patience with the old lady, who does not even remember him. Duke's notebook from which he reads to her says the story of a teenager, Noah, in 1940s, who meets a rich girl(Allie) during a summer and falls in love with her at first sight. He later makes her fall for him through his sheer grit, persuasion and true love. During the blissful summer, they realise that their love is not a passing crush, which Allie's parents doesn't. The story progresses through their forced break up and their separate lives. Later on we see noah's steady determination to bring her back to him without even talking to her once. and she comes to find him, at the doorstep of her fancy wedding.The question is, will she leave her perfect life and perfect fiance for a country unglamourous life with noah? Howmuch would you go for the love of your life? Above all, why is this old man reading this story to an old lady with dymentia?
Find out one man's love that overcomes anything life throws at him.

Favorite scenes:

1.Of course THE kiss. It sure won the best kiss award in mtv movie awards.
2.The innocence of allie when she asks noah to talk her through sex.


I had read the book, so i HAD to see the film. And it doesn't disappoint. Nice casting and absolute fine performances. Dialogues are love. Check them out too.
Tell me if you haven't cried in the last parts. And girls, tell me even once you have not wished for Noah. then i'd say, you've to be kidding me. :D

Rating:3.5/5 *A must for people who love the idea of love*

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  1. Bleak ! said...

    Good work partner :)

  2. The Dramaqueen said...

    Oh. MY. GOD.

    I fell in love with the movie, yes.
    The book and the movie were equally awesome.

    Yes, I cried.
    Yes, I fell in love with Noah.
    Have you read The Wedding?

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