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Marley & Me (2008)

Imdb link:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0822832/


Cast:Owen Wilson,Jennifer Aniston,Eric Dane,Kathleen Turner and Haley Bennett.

Review:Its a story about a lovely couple John Grogan(Owen) and Jennifer Grogan(Aniston) and their dog (Marley).The story starts when John and Jenny relocate to South Florida from Michigan and decide to adopt a dog rather than having kids right away, given their busy jobs at daily newspapers. But instead of a peaceful pet they end up with Marley, a dog who will eat anything, cries nonstop during thunderstorms, and grows into a giant lab who yanks the both of them along on the leash.John's friend Sebastian (Eric Dane) uses Marley as a chick magnet, while John and Jen suffer through failed obedience lessons, endless shredded sofas, and a long series of public misadventures that begin with the dog hightailing away from his owners.
The film gradually goes on with the story of good times,fun time,bad time,play time of a family and the lovely dog marley finally leading to a sad climax.

I loved the movie,as a dog lover and i have two dogs of my own i can relate myself to the couple at parts.Marley is absolutely a gem of a dog and a very adorable one.Not even for a sec i removed my eyes from screen when Marley is in screen.Surely this movie is for those looking to evoke their own fond dog memories and spend some hours being moderately entertained.

Rating 3/5 *Dog lovers go for it*

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